prueba rewards

  Physical Game Copy (Steam for PC & MAC, PS4 or Nintendo Switch).
  Digital copy of user's manual..
  Digital copy of Enigma's Machine codebook to unblocking the game.
  Your name in the credits.
  Digital Soundtrack composed by Chris Hüelsbeck.
  Digital Artbook.
  Digital Comic book.
  Physical edition - OST/soundtrack composed by Chris Hüelsbeck.

  Physical edition - Full-color printed Art Book.
  Physical edition - Comic book.
  Physical edition - DVD with Operation Highjumps Making of.
  Physical edition - Enigma codebook
  Amiga-style Big Box.
  Operation Highjump T-shirt.
  Limited-edition figure-Main character
  Military dog tag identification.
  Signed and numerated artsheet of an unpublished and exclusive cover by Alfonso Azpiri.